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In addition to the many thousands of books and articles published elsewhere by AIIS scholars, more than 70 volumes have been published directly by the Institute.

These include the results of AIIS conferences surveying large fields of research, collections of work by scholars closely connected to the Institute, and products of the two research centers.

Every year, the Institute awards two publication prizes, named in honor of former AIIS Presidents:

  1. The Joseph Elder Prize in the Indian Social Sciences
  2. The Edward C. Dimock, Jr. Prize in the Indian Humanities

Sample titles:

  • The Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophies, ed. By Karl H. Potter, 1983
  • The Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture 14 volumes, 8 text & plates by various authors.
  • India and America: American Publishing on India, 1930-1985, ed. By N.G. Barrier, 1986
  • American Studies in the Anthropology of India, ed. By Sylvia Vatuk, 1978.
  • Harappan Civilization, ed. By Gregory Possehl.
  • India and Indology: A Collection of Essays by W. Norman Brown, ed. By Rosane Rocher, 1978.
  • Music of Bharat Natyam, by Jon Higgins, 1993
  • Studies of South India: An Anthology of Recent Research and Scholarship, ed. by Robert Frykenberg and Pauline Kolenda, 1985.
  • Aspects of India: Essays in Honor of Professor Edward C. Dimock, Jr., ed. by Margaret Case and N.G. Barrier, 1986.

The AIIS Publications Committee has recently begun a new series of AIIS publications in the US designed to facilitate the publication of first books by younger India specialists. Toward that end, the Institute will identify prize manuscripts and assist in their publication.

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