AIIS Publications

AIIS Newsletters include news about AIIS fellows, language students, events and special programs

In addition to the many thousands of books and articles published elsewhere by AIIS scholars, more than 70 volumes have been published directly by the Institute.

These include the results of AIIS conferences surveying large fields of research, collections of work by scholars closely connected to the Institute, and products of the two research centers.

CA&A Facilitated Publications

Vibrant Rock, A Catalogue of Stone Sculptures in the State Archaeological Museum, West Bengal. Gautam Sengupta and Sharmila Saha. Kolkata: Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, 2014.

Haryana: Cultural Heritage Guide. Shikha Jain and Bhawna Dandona (eds.), INTACH: Aryan Books International, 2012.

New Stone Sculptures in the Allahabad Museum, Vol II. Krishna Deva and S.D. Trivedi. New Delhi: Manohar Publications. 1996,

Perceptions of South Asia’s Visual Past.   Catherine B. Asher and Thomas  R. Metcalf (eds.).  1994.   New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. (Based on a CA&A Symposium)

Harappan Civilization ‑ A Recent Perspective.  Gregory L. Possehl  (ed.).  New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 1993.  (Based on a CA&A Symposium)

Mathura: The Cultural Heritage.   Doris Meth Srinivasan(ed.).  New Delhi: Manohar Publications, 1989.  (Based on a CA&A Symposium)

Indian  Epigraphy: Its Bearing on the History of Art.  Frederick M. Asher and G.S.Gai (eds.).  New Delhi:  Oxford & IBH Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.,1985. (Based on a CA&A Symposium)

Encyclopedia of Temple Architecture, Vols. 1-10. Madhusudan A. Dhaky and Michael W. Meister. New Delhi: AIIS, 1983 – 1999.

Studies  in  Indian Temple Architecture. Pramod  Chandra  (ed.). New Delhi: American Institute of Indian Studies, 1975.  (Based on a CA&A Symposium)

Stone Sculptures in the Allahabad Museum, Vol. I. Pramod Chandra. New Delhi: AIIS, 1970.

In addition to the volumes listed above, more than 3000 publications and Ph.D. dissertations acknowledge significant resources drawn from the CA&A archive. 

Every year, the Institute awards two publication prizes, named in honor of former AIIS Presidents:

  1. The Joseph Elder Prize in the Indian Social Sciences
  2. The Edward C. Dimock, Jr. Prize in the Indian Humanities