AIIS Language Fellow Makes Jaipur Theater Scene

Kari Irwin, who participated in the 2009-2010 AIIS academic year Hindi program, made a big splash in Jaipur as a playwright, actress and director. For her final project, she adapted three short satires: “Choohaa Aur Main,” Vaishanav Kii Fisalan” and “Premion Kii Wapasi,” written by famous Hindi satire writer Harishankar Parsai for the stage. She wrote the scripts for all three plays, directed and acted with three other Hindi students on the program (Emily Neff, Ajay Verghese and Gottlieb Fund) and eight other nonprofessional actors on the famous stage of Ravindra Manch. There was a full house for the show, which was covered by a number of newspapers.