AIIS/Ashoka University Research and Teaching Fellowships

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AIIS is pleased to announce a new research and teaching fellowship opportunity for senior scholars in collaboration with Ashoka University, Sonepat, Haryana. In addition to support for full time research, an R & T fellowship gives senior scholars an opportunity to teach for three-and-a half months (if offering an undergraduate class), or for six weeks (if offering a mini-course for Ashoka’s Young India Fellows post-graduate program). Ashoka University is seeking senior scholars to augment its permanent faculty in a range of fields. The teaching commitment entails traveling to the University two days a week for class meetings and office hours, with the option of residing on or near the campus. It will be augmented by a period of funded research, which may be taken before or after the University course. (Additional information regarding Ashoka’s courses and annual schedule of teaching terms, and the potential duration of research awards is available on request.) Applying for this fellowship does not preclude applying for another category of AIIS research award.

Application procedure: A scholar applying for a traditional AIIS senior research fellowship (short- or long-term, or Professional Development) who also wishes to be considered for a potential AIIS/Ashoka R&T Fellowship may simply include, at the end of the proposal narrative, a sentence to this effect. Research proposals that are highly ranked by the AIIS Selection Committee but that cannot be funded by the Institute because of limited resources will be shared with appropriate administrators at Ashoka, who will consider candidates in light of their institution’s teaching needs. Final selection for a Research/Teaching fellowship may require the submission of additional materials (such as a course syllabus or evidence of teaching experience) as well as a Skype interview.