The Archives and Research Center for Ethnomusicology now holds 128 collections of field recordings in its archive

In addition to these, the Center has extensive collections of published recordings ranging from classical music to folk and popular genres from all over India – from 78 rpm discs to CDs. There is a small but growing collection of published world music as well.

The ARCE library has approximately 10,000 books, apart from journals, and collections of offprints and newspaper cuttings. The focus of the library is on the field of ethnomusicology and related disciplines, with a regional emphasis on India.

The AIIS facility houses top equipment for both recording and playback, and documentation for all recordings is maintained in a computerized database that may be used by any interested scholar. Recordings as old as the 1930s are now maintained by the Center, where they are preserved under optimal archival conditions in a vault strictly climatecontrolled for temperature, humidity and dust protection.

A number of items in this collection are available at the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings web site.