Language Application Packet

AIIS Intensive Language Programs are dedicated to providing the language training necessary for students to pursue their academic and professional goals


The programs, located in India, are dedicated to providing a professional teaching and learning environment, where excellence and integrity flourish in joyful, hospitable surroundings.

 AIIS intends to operate its summer 2021, fall semester 2021 and academic year 2021-22 programs in India. In the event that this not possible, the programs will be held online.

While the teachers offer collective and individualized help in accelerating the communicative competence of their students, each program strives for a collaborative environment in which learners take charge of their own learning by keeping track of their language development and language learning needs.

AIIS language programs are intended for students who demonstrate the need for language proficiency in order to meet their academic or professional goals.

Students are expected to reach out for their instructors’ help and to respectfully engage with the local host community for understanding the subtleties of cultural and linguistic variation.

Students who wish to apply for the summer 2021, academic year 2021-2022 or fall semester 2021 programs should complete the following steps.

1. Download announcement flier, application instructions, and check list (found below) and read carefully.
2. Create a single pdf file that contains your application form, one-page statement of purpose,  evaluator worksheet and scans of your transcripts (if you cannot scan your transcripts you may mail the transcripts to the AIIS office in Chicago along with your $25 application fee) APPLICATIONS MUST BE TYPED. MATERIALS THAT ARE HANDWRITTEN AND THEN SCANNED WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
3. Notify your three references that they should expect an email prompt to submit their letters of reference. You should forward them the appropriate reference letter form (language reference or general reference). You should fill out the top part of the reference form before sending it to them. We do not require a real signature–either yours or the recommender’s. The recommender needs to upload their recommendation letter as a SINGLE document so they should write their letter on the form or else append the letter to the form and create a single pdf file. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the recommender about the required procedure. Please note that recommenders may NOT email their letters directly to AIIS.
4: Register on our online application portal here and then log in to your portal account.
5: Follow the application steps: choose your program, submit your  application and notify your references. Please refer to the application checklist. Make sure your application file name does not include any punctuation marks like commas or apostrophes. For instance–call your file “Sanjay application” and NOT “Sanjay’s application.” Please inform your letter writers as well.  Please note that there is NO final submit button. Once you upload your application onto the portal it has been submitted. You can go into your account and all items that have been successfully submitted will have green check marks. You can check to see if your recommendation letters are in and if they are not in, you can “remind” the referees to turn in the letters.

Language Programs

2021-2022 Academic Year Announcement

Summer 2021 Announcement

2021 Fall Semester Announcement 

Orientation Guide (Download Word File)

Language Programs Application Packet

Application Instructions (download pdf file)

Evaluator’s Worksheet (download pdf/word file)

Application Form (download pdf/word file)

Language Reference Form (download word file/download pdf)

Reference Forms (download pdf/word file)

Application Checklist (download word file/ download pdf file)

Important information for applicants for summer Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu

Critical Languages Scholarship

AIIS operates both CLS and non-CLS summer programs in Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Please note that U.S. citizens who are applying for Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu for the summer program should also submit applications for a Critical Languages Scholarship (CLS) fellowhip, funded by the U.S. State Department, if they meet the eligibility requirements. These fellowhips would cover the cost of the program. Students should submit both an application to AIIS for admission to the program, as well as to CLS for funding.

To apply for CLS, go to Please note that the CLS application due date will be earlier than the AIIS deadline. The CLS application deadline is November 15, 2020. Those who apply for a CLS but do not receive it could still be admitted to the AIIS program as long as they have also submitted an application to AIIS.

NOTE: Elementary levels of Summer Hindi and Urdu will only be offered to those with CLS fellowships. For more information, please call AIIS at (773) 702-8638 or email

Undergraduates who complete an AIIS language program can enroll to have their AIIS coursework recorded as transferable academic credit through Indiana University, which serves as the AIIS transcript school of record. Students can earn 12-16 credits per semester and 8 credits for the summer program.

Students who are enrolled in a master’s program and who participate in the summer 2021 programs may request up to $1,175 in funding to complete a one-month capstone project to be carried out upon completion of the language program. Students interested in this funding should add an additional one to two paragraphs to their statement of purpose, describing their proposed project.

For more information about the language programs, click here.