This information is critical to understanding your AIIS Fellowship, its provisions and its limitations.

Insurance Options:

All AIIS Fellows must carry health insurance that covers them while in India and in the United States. AIIS Fellows who are faculty members at American colleges and universities most often have comprehensive health and accident insurance that covers the Fellow and accompanying dependents while overseas. The Institute advises Fellows who have this sort of complete coverage (please check with your respective insurance representative) to maintain it rather than enroll in other programs. The Institute also strongly urges that accompanying dependents be covered by a comprehensive health and accident plan while in India.

All AIIS fellows are required to accept the Institute’s Medical Evacuation Insurance, which costs $5.25 for each month or part thereof that the Fellow plans to be out of the U.S. Medical Evacuation Insurance may also be purchased through the Institute for accompanying dependents. Fellows may buy insurance in India to cover personal effects. Ask for detailed information from the Director-General in New Delhi upon arrival in India.

Senior fellows who are NOT affiliated with an AIIS member institution are required to pay an administrative fee before commencing their fellowships. Senior short-term fellows pay $250 and Senior long-term fellows pay $500. There is no administrative fee for Junior fellows.