Assistance to Universities

Several levels of assistance are offered to the Universities as stated below.Fees vary depending on the number of students. There is a concessional rate for institutions that are members of AIIS.

Levels of Assistance

Level One: Affiliation for the purpose of visa recommendation/affiliation only

AIIS requires:

  • Information about each student in a prescribed format, including an undertaking signed by the program coordinator certifying that repatriation is the responsibility of the program;
  • A one-page description of the program in India (describe the program as the AIIS-x institution program in India if AIIS is to provide institutional affiliation); and
  • Email check-in with AIIS upon arrival and check-out before departure by each study abroad program coordinator.

Note: Programs to be held in areas treated as sensitive by the Government of India will require Government approval. Students may not change programs after visas are issued.

Student visas may initially be valid for periods of up to12 months from date of issue (not date of arrival in India) and may be extended for a period of not more than 3 months.

Level Two: Visa recommendation and short-term support

Services include AIIS visa recommendation (which includes assistance with police registration, when that is required) and assistance with emergencies, such as medical care, hospitalization, or repatriation.

Level Three: Extensive support throughout a program

This level of support services includes the above, as well as continuous contact with program participants and coordinators in case of security alerts. AIIS can also provide administrative support in such areas as academic programs (e.g., lectures by Indian scholars and other experts), travel and logistical support, banking and financial management and AIIS staff visits to the program. Fees for these services are based on the number of students, length of the program, and the extent of support provided. Direct all inquiries to: Purnima Mehta Director General American Institute of Indian Studies

Download visa recommendation form.