Digital Scholarship

Screenshot from Chola Temples exhibit on VMIS site

Screenshot from the AIIS Center for Art & Archeology “The Grandeur of Chola Temples” exhibit.
Visit the virtual exhibit at the Virtual Museum of Images & Sounds

The Digital India Learning (DIL) initiative of the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) promotes the creation and use of digital resources and media for the study of India, facilitates training in digital methodologies, strengthens India-related collections and projects in U.S. libraries, and fosters the digital production and dissemination of knowledge about India. AIIS’s DIL initiative builds upon, extends and strengthens the AIIS core mission.

Among other objectives, this initiative seeks to:

  • Award funding for individual advanced research projects undertaken by US-based graduate students and faculty that have a significant digital component, as well as born-digital projects
  • Fund and facilitate “labs” that bring together faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students to undertake digital projects using the physical and virtual assets of the Center for Art and Archaeology (CAA, and the Archives and Research Center for Ethnomusicology (ARCE,
  • Support conferences that showcase digital projects that advance our understanding of India, and training workshops 
  • Promote digital collaboration across disciplines in the academy, including and especially between the humanities, social sciences and STEM fields

AIIS is pleased to announce its Digital Scholarship grants

Current DIL Task Force Members

  • James Nye (Chair)
  • Ellen Ambrosone
  • Jinah Kim
  • Anandi Silva Knuppel
  • Sumathi Ramaswamy
  • Sean Pue