AIIS to Host Faculty Development Seminar on Urban Sustainability

AIIS is partnering with the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) to host a faculty development seminar “Exploring Urban Sustainability through India’s Cities” in India in January 2019. This seminar is intended for faculty at community colleges and minority-serving institutions, in order to promote the development of “internationalized” learning environments that both broaden their students’ cultural horizons and foster critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills for an increasingly interconnected world.

Across the globe, as towns grow into cities and as cities morph into megacities, what can be done to ensure that demands for quality economic opportunities and decent standards of living are balanced against increased pressures on the environment, energy resources, and threatened cultural traditions?

The program will include extended visits to the Indian cities of Bangalore, Jaipur, and Mysore to understand the varying economic, cultural, social, and environmental pressures confronting emerging cities as more and more Indians migrate to urban areas in search of work and opportunity.

In addition to exploring the overlapping and cross-cutting challenges and opportunities created by India’s rapid urban development, participants will gain first-hand experience—through specialist-led site visits and cultural excursions—of India’s fascinating history, culture, languages, religions, and contemporary society that can be harnessed to address urban sustainability. Throughout the program, participants will learn from and have the opportunity to partner with local university faculty engaged in international collaboration and exchanges.

Participants will be fully funded and can receive a certificate of completion for educational credit. Those interested in further information can find it here.