AIIS Scholars Challenge

Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the American Institute of Indian Studies in 2012

A Unique Opportunity to Endow a Named Fellowship.

AIIS has recently begun a significant effort to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Institute in 2012 by creating the Scholars Challenge, an opportunity for scholars of South Asia to endow a named fellowship for just $ 25,000. For a gift of $ 25,000 a scholar of South Asia may endow a fellowship which will be named for the scholar or for anyone the scholar chooses to honor. So as to coincide with our milestone anniversary, the amount may be pledged anytime before, but not later than June 2012, and a payment of $ 5000 must be received by that date. Pledges are payable over the course of five years, and donors are encouraged to fulfill their commitments within that timeframe. Our hope is that this call for support of named fellowships, limited to the first 20 scholars who respond by June 30, 2012, will be matched by philanthropists outside our scholarly community. Outright gifts or pledges can be made by check, credit card or online, by clicking “Make A Gift” on the homepage of AIIS’ website.